454%, in this year alone more than 18000 girls were named Ava.


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Saint Ava is a Roman Catholic Catholic saint, the daughter of Pepin II of Aquitaine.

Her name is inspired by an actress. May 19, 2023. 454%, in this year alone more than 18000 girls were named Ava.


. Nicknames: Nicknames for Ava include, Ave. says the name Ava means "Life,Free (like a bird)".

Pronunciation: Ava is pronounced eh-VAH. .

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. Pronunciation: eh-VAH.

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Ava 2 f Persian.

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Gender: Ava is typically assigned as a girl’s name.

. . Sounding akin to a sweet prayer or soft chorus, Ava is thought to come from the Latin avis, meaning "bird" or "birdlike.

Ava fits in well with her popular sisters, matching the old-world charm of Sophia and Emma as well as the short and sweet spunk of Mia. According to other explanations -. . This means that forsyth is the. She grew up during the Great Depression amid rampant poverty.

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She’s spunky yet sweet, offering loads of character in a compact package.

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